Snacks & Drinks

Combination Vending Machines

Midi40 Combo Vending Machine

The Midi40 Multi-snack combination vending machine is highly customisable and can be used in both indoor and outdoors. 40 channels in 6 levels, and 2 configuration options, makes this vending machine a popular choice.

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 895 mm
Depth: 830 mm
Weight: 335 kg

Snacks: 234
Cans/Bottles: 96

230 Volts 50HZ, 13 Amp Fused

Palma HZ 87 Combo Vending Machine

Snacks and Drink Combo Vending Machine

Palma+ is designed to sell all types of products, whatever their presentation style. The idea is that the machine never limits your options when adapting your range of snacks and cold drinks to market trends.

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 888 mm
Depth: 840 mm
Weight: 325 kg

Snacks: 175
Cans/Bottles: 48

Voltage: 230 V
Max Power: 500 W

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